International competition to be felt by low earners

The collapse of trade unionism and historical systems of collective bargaining pose a threat to labour market standards both internationally and in Australia, according to eminent UK expert in industrial relations Professor William Brown, who will present a seminar at Flinders University Victoria Square on April 5.

Responding to the Middle East uprisings

The rest of the world’s response to the rolling wave of “people’s revolutions” across North Africa and the Middle East will be the focus of a public discussion at Flinders University on March 3.

Flinders fellowships mark new way of research thinking

As ten early career researchers are recognised for outstanding individual achievement, Flinders University has announced three new initiatives to support academics seeking to boost their research activities and to attract international research collaborations.

A repository of Labor leaders

Another Labor leader is giving his collected personal papers to the Flinders University Library’s Special Collections, but the donor, former SA Premier John Bannon, cautions that a considerable amount of work remains to be done before the resource is ready for researchers.

Federalism’s flickering fortunes

A revival of Australia’s system of federalism through stronger co-operation between States and Commonwealth was another casualty of the latter phase of Kevin Rudd’s prime ministership, according to a Flinders University political analyst.

Rethinking our trading relationship

The boom-bust cycle of Australia’s trade relationship with countries like China could be mitigated with a more sophisticated dialogue involving the Federal Government and the private sector, according to Mr Richard Leaver.

Universities should speak out

Universities have a responsibility to stimulate public debate over serious policy issues and help fill the vacuum left by a media demanding instantaneous news and politicians fixated with ‘spin’, according to Mr Geoff Anderson.