Research identifies renowned rock art sites

New research has uncovered internationally significant rock art sites in Arnhem Land were far from random and instead “chosen” for the critical vantage points they provided. […]

Dishing the dirt on human evolution

Scientists should seek answers hidden in the dirt using proven and state-of-the-art archaeological science techniques to support new discoveries about human evolution following recent controversies at […]

Taking reins of our future among stars

The new space age has reignited questions about how humans should engage in space and the right path for future exploration involving national space programs and […]

Tomorrow’s stars make stage debut

This week marks the debut professional performance by Flinders University’s 2023 acting graduands on the Adelaide Festival Centre stage for an audacious offering of new works […]

Remembrance Day 2023

On November 11 2022 I was heading to the US for work in their national archives.  It was one of these warm, sunny and busy mornings […]

Research ‘sweep’: Martindale Hall

Flinders University Archaeology Professor Dr Heather Burke and research students will be on the ground – literally – to “sweep” the land surrounding Martindale Hall in […]

Braiding Indigenous knowledge and science

Archaeologists from Flinders University and Charles Darwin University will help lead the newly announced National Science Funding (NSF Center for Braiding Indigenous Knowledges and Science (CBIKS) […]