Green hydrogen drives energy summit

With the COP27 international climate summit under way in Egypt, the need for global players to keep the goal of restricting warming to 1.5C has never […]

Cybersecurity warning on health data

Digital health researchers at Flinders University say there is an urgent need to do more to protect the storage and transfer of private and sensitive personal […]

Ukraine-Russian war on fossil fuels

As the cost of living rises and world economies head for a 2023 slowdown, Flinders University researchers are forecasting ongoing effects of the Russian-Ukraine conflict on […]

Young job-seekers prepare for job changes

With robotics and artificial intelligence causing job cuts and large-scale automation in most industries, tech-savvy young people are already preparing for rapid changes in their working […]

Not guilty, but not off the hook

The defence of mental impairment gives a defendant reasons for their crime to be forgiven, but such a plea can have lingering negative effects on a […]