Kangaroo Island: a megafauna haven?

Flinders palaeontologist Dr Gavin Prideaux and PhD student, Matthew McDowell, have just returned from a preliminary survey of Kangaroo Island’s south-west with the beginnings of a potentially rich fossil bounty – courtesy of cavers, tourists and owls.

A touch of Indonesia in Nhill

Earlier in October, Indonesian lecturer Dr Rosslyn von der Borch and a group of 18 undergraduates, Indonesian postgraduates, staff and their partners paid a three-day visit to Nhill in rural Victoria.

Sleep apnea sufferers risk accidents

Sufferers of untreated sleep apnea were 25 times more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle accident than the general population, according to Flinders researcher, Mr Andrew Vakulin.

Groundwater centre attracts worldwide attention

The National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training (NCGRT) has attracted the attention of researchers from around the world with the first advertising round generating a flood of applications for positions at the new Flinders centre.

Flinders creates School of the Environment

Flinders University’s capacity to train experts and provide the research required to tackle major environmental issues has been enhanced with the creation of a new School of the Environment.

Virtual reminders help with early dementia

A virtual reality tool, developed by Flinders University, is coming to the aid of older people with early onset dementia, improving their quality of life while giving their carers a little peace of mind.