Microscope on donated embryo kinship

Embryo donation and receipt in Australia can be a confusing issue for families because of a lack of clarity about whether or not embryos constitute kinship. […]

Lack of sleep a risky business for teens

Teenagers who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to take part in dangerous behaviours like smoking cigarettes, consuming alcohol and drugs, unprotected sex, driving dangerously […]

Improved study pathways for young veterans

Younger Australian Defence Force veterans will receive improved support to embark on tertiary studies pathways as the result of Flinders University receiving a $157,000 Supporting Younger […]

"Lupus affects so much of us, it affects our body, our mind... it can be so debilitating, I get bald patches in my hair.... extreme tiredness." — Lupus patient Amy Strawbridge.

‘Rogue’ clones linked to Lupus disease

A medical discovery revealing the structure of ‘rogue clones’ that cause Lupus could identify early signs of the debilitating autoimmune disease and help develop effective treatments. […]