Early detection enhances lymphoedema treatment

Early detection of problems in the lymphatic system is the best way to prevent the discomfort and disfigurement that can result from lymphoedema, the swelling created by disruption to the body’s drainage system.

New clinic benefits families and Flinders students

The Southern Child and Family Clinic, officially opened this week on the Flinders University campus, will assist the Department of Family and Communities (DFC) in its child protection role while contributing to the training and experience of postgraduate psychology students at Flinders.

Home ownership dream dims, researchers find

The great Australian dream of home ownership is slipping away leaving a major economic and social problem for future governments and the threat of a US-style collapse in home prices, according to a team of Flinders University researchers.

Future Fellowship fuels nerve research

Ground-breaking research on how human cells communicate has earned Flinders University neuroscientist Dr Damien Keating a prestigious Future Fellowship from the Australian Research Council.

Fossil discovery another piece in the puzzle

Scientists from the NT Museum and Flinders University have discovered the remains of a giant hippo-like animal near Alice Springs, a find that will shed new light on the Territory’s prehistoric past.

Getting back into the swing after rehabilitation

Intensive rehabilitation is a vital step towards recovery for people with an acquired brain injury (ABI), but it also takes them out of circulation – their normal social routines and contacts tend to fall by the wayside.