Graduation brings a fork in the road

As twins, Alexander and Ivan Oulianoff have been walking in step for most of their lives, and after attending secondary school together they decided to undertake the same double degree at Flinders.

Avoiding another GFC

New forms of regulation that prevent a recurrence of the GFC but do not unnecessarily inhibit the market are required to deal with modern global capitalism, according to Professor Robert Holton, who is leading a three-day masterclass at Flinders University Victoria Square.

The secrets of spending $800 billion

Flinders recently hosted President Obama’s “recovery tsar”, Mr G Edward DeSeve, for a working lunch on campus with academic staff and postgraduates from American Studies, the Business School and the National Institute of Labour Studies.

Flinders fellowships mark new way of research thinking

As ten early career researchers are recognised for outstanding individual achievement, Flinders University has announced three new initiatives to support academics seeking to boost their research activities and to attract international research collaborations.

Good business is all in the plan

Virtual businesses based on haunted house tours, an anti-ageing cream, car tyre recycling and a hepatitis vaccine in tablet form did battle in the recent finals of the Flinders University Business Plan Competition.

China faces challenges as it becomes largest economy

China now reigns supreme as the biggest and fastest growing nation on Earth but faces significant challenges as it moves forward to become the world’s largest economy by 2035 or earlier, according to Dr Roger Sexton, a leading Australian company director and investment banker.