Flinders’ career-focused degrees support graduate job success

New 2022 data showing improving employment outcomes for Australian university graduates has been welcomed by Flinders University, which has posted a strong performance in employment and salary results for its graduates.

Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students) Professor Chris Brebner says the latest Graduate Outcome Survey shows Flinders undergraduates continue to be the best paid in South Australia, with median full-time salary climbing to $67,000.

“This is indicative of the calibre of our degrees and shows we have equipped our graduates with the job ready skills sought by employers, helping them to stand out and land the best paying jobs in a competitive employment market,” Professor Brebner says.

The rate of domestic undergraduates in full time employment rose 10 per cent on the previous year to 76 per cent, while overall employment (part time and full time) was up 5 per cent to 88 percent.

“We’re delighted that nearly 4 out of 5 Flinders graduates quickly find full time work, and that almost 9 out of 10 Flinders graduates are in either full or part time work. It shows that Flinders is contributing to the state’s growth and supporting our economic and social progress.

Flinders University also emerged as the university of choice for international students when it comes to securing work and being well paid.

Pooled data from the years 2020-2022 shows that international undergraduate students studying at Flinders were in the top ten nationally for their participation in the labour force. Their labour force participation rate of 92.8 per cent was by far the best in the state too.

Vice President and Pro Vice Chancellor (International) Sebastian Raneskold says international students are making an important contribution to the state.

“We know that our state is a richer and more vibrant place thanks to international students and that their contribution not just to the vitality of our campuses, but the fabric of the wider community, is hugely important – boosting tourism, hospitality, retail, food, and entertainment.

“We’re delighted that Flinders international students are securing full and part time work and supporting the state’s revitalisation as we emerge from the pandemic. Furthermore, a Flinders degree is the key to unlocking an excellent career path, with our full time employed graduates in the top five nationally for median salary,” Mr Raneskold says.

The Graduate Outcome Survey is a federal government snapshot conducted by QILT (Quality Indicators in Learning and Teaching) annually and longitudinally to assess employment outcomes for students at intervals after the completion of their studies.

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