Flinders has State’s top science educator

joe-shapter2Flinders University’s Professor Joe Shapter has received the Tertiary Science Educator of the Year Award at the South Australian Science Excellence Awards, which were announced recently.

As the prime mover of Australia’s first undergraduate degree in nanotechnology, Professor Shapter not only developed and presented novel and innovative science material, but also devised new approaches to teaching science.

Teaching nanotechnology requires a special and complex combination of the fundamental sciences, specialised instrument training, new theory development and the personal development of students.

Professor Shapter, who has previously won a Citation Award from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council, said his primary aim as a tertiary teacher is “to create an environment where students can be engaged, excited and educated.”

Flinders University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Michael Barber, warmly congratulated Professor Shapter on the award, which he said was a recognition of truly inspiring teaching practice.

“Professor Shapter is widely recognised for his ability and commitment to make science interesting, relevant and fun while still maintaining the high standards required in a university environment,” Professor Barber said.

“His personal drive and natural enthusiasm have made him one of Flinders University’s most highly respected teachers among his peers and students alike.”

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